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With spinal block, good pain relief starts right away, but it only lasts 1 to 2 hours.Keep in mind that rare, but serious complications sometimes occur.

So it is important for pregnant women to get the facts about c-sections before they deliver.If your water breaks, it could be a gush or a slow trickle of amniotic (AM-nee-OT-ihk) fluid.Birth control, or contraception, is designed to prevent pregnancy.Some women want a c-section because they fear the pain of childbirth.If your doctor suggests inducing labor, talk to your doctor about the possible harms and benefits for both mother and baby, such as the risk of c-section and the risk of low birth weight.Women should find out what c-sections are, why they are performed, and the pros and cons of this surgery.These include infection, dangerous bleeding, blood transfusions, and blood clots.C-sections also increase the risk of problems in future pregnancies.

Even with these guidelines, it can be hard to tell if labor is real.Share your fears and emotions with friends, family, and your partner.

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Others like the convenience of being able to decide when and how to deliver their baby.

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Giving birth in an upright position, such as squatting, appears to have some benefits, including shortening this stage of labor and helping to keep the tissue near the birth canal intact.A pudendal block is usually given in the second stage of labor just before delivery of the baby and is used to relive pain in the perineum area.If given late in labor or if too much medicine is used, it might be hard to push when the time comes.

There are problems with the position of the baby, such as breech.All of our Photo Birth Announcements design templates are fully customizable.

The epidural takes away pain, but you might be aware of some tugging or pushing.

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Cesarean delivery, also called c-section, is surgery to deliver a baby.Use your time in the hospital, usually about four days, to rest and bond with your baby.

Handmade in Canada since 1994, Memory Blocks are the original collectible wall plaques.So if you were in a labor and delivery room, you will be moved to an operating room.The mother has health problems including HIV infection, herpes infection, and heart disease.Sometimes, a doctor or midwife might need to induce (bring about) labor.

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Many women blend natural methods with medications that relieve pain.If the uterus ruptures, the life of the baby and mother is in danger.Create a unique baby gift, by giving a personalized baby pillow.If you are interested in a VBAC, talk to your doctor and read up on the subject.Finding comfortable positions while in labor (stand, crouch, sit, walk, etc.).

This unique little block arrives gift wrapped and captures all the most important information of the new arrival.Both organizations also say that c-section should never be scheduled before a pregnancy is 39 weeks, or the lungs are mature, unless there is medical need.Although very rare, uterine rupture is very dangerous for the mother and baby.

But each stage features some milestones that are true for every woman.This is when labor is induced at term but for no medical reason.Learn the pros and cons and be aware of possible problems before you make your choice.